Are hidden headlights illegal?

Are projector headlights illegal?

Typically, yes. You may run into trouble if your headlights are excessively bright, or if you have projector headlights that are excessively bright. However, since projector headlights are factory-fitted on most new vehicles, it’s safe to say that, generally, they are fully road legal.

Are pop ups illegal?

But it’s true: Pop-up restaurants are technically illegal in all of California. “Only a person who has been permitted and licensed to run a food business is allowed to do so at that address,” explained Sherri Willis, public information officer with the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health.

What year did corvette stop flip up lights?

The C4 and C5 Corvette models also got the pop-up headlights, but in 2005, Chevy made the hard decision to let the pop-up headlights die out.

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