Best answer: Can I use a regular light bulb for my ball python?

Can I use a regular light bulb for my snakes heat source?

Any light bulb you use in your own table lamps or incandescent ceiling or wall light fixtures to provide light for your home can be used during the day to provide bright white light and heat for your reptiles.

What lights are safe for ball pythons?

The best way to provide low-level illumination for your ball python is with a low-strength UVB fluorescent as your light source. It is commonly believed that nocturnal snakes do not “need” UVB, therefore it would be a waste of money to provide it.

Can I use a regular bulb in a heat lamp?

A regular light bulb can be installed in a heat lamp, but very little heat will be produced. If you aim is zero heat production, opt for a fluorescent or LED bulb over an incandescent. Make sure the regular bulb has the correct wattage, voltage, and base for the heat lamp socket.

What watt bulb does a ball python need?

The 150 watt bulb would be appropriate. A ball python needs a hotspot on one end of the enclosure and a cool spot on the other. Provide your ball python with a basking spot temperature of 88 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit and an ambient temperature of 78 to 80 degrees.

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Are heat lamps bad for Ball Pythons?

The most common heat source recommended for reptiles are heat lamps. Heat lamps come in coloured bulbs (some labeled as night and day) and also in non-light emitting ceramic bulbs. Both are great sources of heat for many reptiles, but are not suitable for Ball Pythons. They require belly heat, not basking heat.

Is a red bulb bad for Ball Pythons?

The light output from the low wattage red or blue bulbs does not seem to bother them much at all. It puts out just as much light as the moon would on a cloudless night. The higher wattage ones will obviously put out more light, which will in turn kill your humidity. Any heating device you use should be run 24/7.

Can you leave a heat lamp on all night for snakes?

In reality, they’re totally fine without light at night. Snakes benefit from a regular day-night cycle and adding a light at night will confuse them. You are trying to mimic their natural environment in their tank (with light, temperature and humidity) so you should turn off the lights at night to replicate this.

What temp will burn a ball python?

A ball python cannot handle having an internal body temperature much higher than 95F for any significant period of time–their health will suffer, even if they aren’t burned.

Are ball pythons sensitive to light?

UVB Lighting and Ball Pythons

Will it hurt? No, and it may also increase their activity and/or coloration, but ball pythons and most other pet snakes can be perfectly healthy without the aid of UVB lighting.

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