Best answer: What is the most powerful headlamp?

How many lumens is a good headlamp?

100 to 150 lumens should be adequate for most needs, but for activities like scrambling and route-finding at night, travelers may want a more powerful headlamp — something as bright as 300 lumens.

What is the brightest and best headlamp?

The Fenix HL60R is the brightest headlamp on our list, but it’s not without competition. Petzl’s Duo S (not listed here) has a maximum brightness of 1,100 lumens along with a beam distance of 650 feet, although you’ll pay a premium at a whopping $350.

What headlamp has the longest battery life?

The Princeton Tec Apex Extreme has the longest battery life for any of the headlamps we researched. Providing up to 200 hours of burn time, the batteries in this headlamp can run a long time without needing a charge.

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