Can all light bulbs be used outside?

What happens if you use indoor bulbs outside?

You should not use an indoor light fixture outdoors in wet locations. They aren’t sealed against moisture and will stop working during the first heavy rain. Moreover, they aren’t corrosion resistant and could become an electrocution hazard if the parts that cover the electrical connections deteriorate.

What kind of lights do you put outside?

Types of Light Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting

LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are a popular option, and while they cost more than other bulbs, they last considerably longer. Other common options are CFL (compact fluorescent) or halogen bulbs.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor lights?

Outdoor light bulbs are more variable. Typically, they are interchangeable for indoor and outdoor use. In contrast, indoor lights are not designed to withstand outdoor temperature changes. Discover which light bulbs are for indoor or outdoor use, or both.

Can you use an indoor LED light bulb outside?

In a nutshell, you should avoid using indoor LED lights outside. The risk of electric fires is just too great. However, if you have to use them, use indoor bulbs with thick glass. Of all the types of bulbs, LED lights are the most suitable for outdoor use.

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Can outdoor lights cause fire?

The glass globes on incandescent bulbs can get extremely hot. If the fixture turns over and the bulb comes in contact with a flammable material a fire may result.

How do I know if I have outdoor lighting?

Indoor Christmas lights will have a green UL listed tag, or a silver tag with the “UL” written in green. Christmas lights approved for the outdoors will have the UL listed tag in red, or silver with red writing.

Can you use any Christmas lights outside?

The Consumer Products Safety Commission warns against using Christmas lights outside unless they are certified for outdoor use. If you decorate your porch with lights designed for indoor use only, they could break down in harsh weather conditions. Damaged lights pose a risk for fire or injury through electrical shock.

Are LED bulbs good for outdoor use?

As long as your LED lights are housed properly and have the right sealing, it is safe to use them in an outdoor context. … However, if you are planning on using your LEDs in an area that is mostly covered, it may be appropriate to use an LED that is only intended for interior use.