Can you use a regular light bulb for bearded dragon?

Can I use a regular light bulb for my lizard?

Any light bulb you use in your own table lamps or incandescent ceiling or wall light fixtures to provide light for your home can be used during the day to provide bright white light and heat for your reptiles.

Can I use a LED bulb for my bearded dragon?

LED are generally safe, but will have the problem of potentially not being “white” reptiles. I use them in a couple setups and I havnt noticed bad effects and my one snake will “bask” under his LED. They can be quite glaring so make sure he can’t look at it.

What can I use instead of a basking light?

Yeah a regular bulb will work (don’t use one of those reveal type bulbs though). You could also use a halogen flood light which may be available at Walmart. Going a day without basking light isn’t a huge deal. I would turn off the UVB though unless you can balance it out with a bright enough white bulb.

Are LED bulbs good for reptiles?

Spotlight Basking Bulbs are great at providing a broad, moderately intense basking spot for your pet reptile. Spotlight basking bulbs have a reflector built in to direct the majority of the heat and light produced downward.

Lighting Your Reptiles and Amphibians.

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Animal Day Gecko
Basking Temp F 100
Daytime Temp F 80
Nighttime Temp minimum F 75

Is a 13 watt UVB bulb enough for a bearded dragon?

The second is a 10.0 UVB 13 Watts fluorescent bulb which is compact but will deliver all the UVB and UVA that your Bearded Dragon needs. This kit is just right for smaller terrarium desert species.

How can I keep my bearded dragon warm without a heat lamp?

You can put small hand warmers in a sock, to avoid burning your dragon. Be careful with heat packs, as they can get hot – don’t place them directly on bearded dragon’s skin. You can also place the heating packs under the tank to mimic an under tank heating pad.