Can you use fog light bulbs as headlights?

Are fog lights and headlights the same bulb?

Headlight & Fog Light Bulb Equivalency Explained

As explained briefly earlier in this guide, some automotive headlight and fog light bulbs will have different bulb numbers but are actually the same exact bulb.

Are fog lights brighter than headlights?

Fog lights illuminate the road directly in front of a vehicle, making driving easier and safer in bad conditions. Most LED fog lights bulbs are brighter than halogen, and in bad weather and fog, brighter is almost always better.

Can you use h7 fog lights as headlights?

This is labeled as a “Fog Light” but in doing research I found out it can also be used as High-Beam headlights. … The light does not flicker and is brighter than the stock halogen bulbs. The color is a bright white.

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