Do long distance touch lamps work?

How long do friendship lamps work?

Manly notes that many friendship lights can be set to glow for various time periods—from 30 minutes to a full 24 hours. “For those who feel disconnected and alone, a long-lasting glow can be a constant reminder of the gift of friendship,” she says.

Are friendship lamps reliable?

Overall, this is a great product if you miss a friend, family member, or even significant other this is a great way to let them know with just a single touch that you’re thinking of them and you miss them. 5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful way to let people know you love them, no matter the distance.

How do you set up a long distance touch lamp?

Easy to set up

  1. Plug it in. Simply plug in your Friendship Lamp and establish a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Connect it. Connect the Friendship Lamp to your personal group ID.
  3. Enjoy it. Touch the lamp and let your special ones know that they are on your mind!

Do friendship lamps need to be on the same Wi-Fi?

Q: Do I always need to be connected on to Wi-Fi for the Friendship Lamp to work? A: Yes, the lamp needs to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to work.

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Do friendship lamps work for 3 people?

It can be friends or family members. It can also be used by a group of people in different locations because all the units connect to a unique family or group ID.

How far can friendship lamps go?

There is no max distance! These lamps connect right across the whole world! All you need is an internet connection and you can connect two or more Friendship Lamps to the one group.

Why is my friendship lamp red?

When the lamp is red, it means it is not successfully connected to WiFi. It may be that your internet is not connected or you have changed / updated your WiFi. If this is the case, all you’ll need to do is to set up the lamp again. Use the easy to follow instructions here: Friendship Lamp Setup Guide.

Can you use a non dimmable bulb in a touch lamp?

You do not need a special bulb for a touch lamp. … You can use any standard bulb for your touch lamp.

How do you dye a friendship lamp?

We have many colours to choose from with our Friendship lamp, when you hold your finger on the touch button, the colour options will start to cycle through. Just hold down until you see the colour you want. The lamp will stay on for another 5 seconds and then turn off.