Do you need an earth wire in a lamp?

What happens if you don’t have an earth wire?

Without the earth wire, if a fault occurs and the live wire becomes loose, there is a danger that it will touch the case. The next person who uses the appliance could get electrocuted . … As a result, the casing cannot give an electric shock, even if the wires inside become loose.

Is earth wire necessary?

Why is it necessary to earth metallic appliances? The metallic body of electric appliances is connected to the earth using earth wire so that any leakage of electric current is transferred to the ground. This prevents any electric shock to the user.

What is the purpose of an earth wire?

As the wire is made of copper, the earth wire provides a low resistance path to the ground. In the event of a fault, the live current passing through the case will follow this path to the ground instead of passing through a person.

Do you need to earth a metal light switch?

Yes, the metal faceplate needs to be earthed. Swing the earth wire from the backbox on to the faceplate, or use a piece of 1mm2 cable from the earth terminal on the backbox to the earth terminal on the faceplate. seneca likes this.

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