Do you need to caulk outdoor light fixtures?

How do I fix the gap between my outdoor wall and fixture?

If your light fixture is not flush against the wall (but the gap does not exceed 3/16 of an inch), use clear silicone-based caulk to seal the gap so that water does not leak inside. Seal the top and sides of the fixture, so that if any water gets inside, it can drain out through the bottom.

What is thermoplastic caulking?

Work Zone Thermoplastic Sealant is an exterior multi-purpose thermoplastic solvent based sealant designed to seal joints, cracks, and adjacent surfaces on exterior applications. It is long lasting, and forms a weatherproof & watertight seal that exhibits good long-term flexibility.

Can outdoor lights be left in the rain?

One of the best options for protecting outdoor lights from rain is to use lights that won’t be damaged by rain. Since they don’t run on electricity and have no wiring, there’s no danger of a wire shorting out and causing a fire. Moreover, solar lights are sealed units and are thus virtually waterproof.

Are all outdoor lights waterproof?

Outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to be weatherproof, but they’re not infallible. Moisture in the air encourages rust (beach towns have it the worst). Try using a simple solution of water and vinegar to remove it.

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