Does Lampe Berger really work?

Does Lampe Berger really kill bacteria?

Taken from Lampe Berger

The Lampe Berger lamps can eliminate harmful bacteria in your home during all seasons, but during cold and flu season this can be a gamechanger. When someone sneezes or coughs in your home, certain viruses and bacteria take flight and hang in the air, landing on other people and surfaces.

Is a Lampe Berger worth it?

Tried the lampe berger and it really does eliminate the stinky smells and leaves the room smelling fresh. It also helps with food smells, potent plastic smells (from new storage shelves), musty air, and even stinky garbage smells. I have used it every day since I got it, in multiple rooms in my house.

How well does Lampe Berger work?

Lampe Berger is a prestigious line of fragrance lamps that not only adds pleasurable scents to the home but eliminates odors and bacteria as well. The lamps are beautifully designed and offer a decorative element to your home while effectively purifying and perfuming your environment.

Why is Lampe Berger banned California?

Lamps Berger oil cannot be sent to California because of cali law. The lamp itself would not fit in a non toxic category, but the lamp without lampe Berger oil would not be toxic. … You have a clean air act in California, Yes this product is non toxic and safe in every aspect.

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How long should I let my Lampe Berger burn?

Light the catalytic burner and let the flame burn for about 2 minutes. Blow out the flame and put the open protective top on your fragrance lamp. The average size room only requires about 20 minutes of use.

Does Lampe Berger purify the air?

Lampe Berger purifies and perfumes the air indoors like no other system. Catalytic diffusion, which has been perfected over the years, destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable odors.

How long do Lampe Berger Wicks last?

Lampe Berger is designed to remove 68% of the bacteria in a 400 sq. ft. room in 40 minutes and sustain it for a 24 hour period. To do this Lampe Berger has designed a special made wick and scented fuel.

Does burning alcohol purify the air?

This is not the only way that the device can purify the air, though. The natural level of ozone emitted by the burning alcohol also works to break down bacteria and other unwelcome pollutants such as second-hand smoke, mold, dust mites, cooking smells, bathroom odors, and airborne dust.

Why won’t my Lampe Berger stay hot?

If your Lampe Berger won’t stay hot, it’s due to one of these reasons: There is too much oil in the lamp (it can’t be more than 2/3 full with oil). The wick is old and needs to be replaced (see notes above about the wick). The wick needs air to work (see notes above about the wick).

Can you use other oils in Lampe Berger?

Do not use any paraffin based lamp oils, as your house will quickly fill with smoke. Making lampe berger oil. You will need isopropyl alcohol,and a fragrance oil. Use 16 ounces of isopropyl alcohol,add 10 drops of oil to your bottle.

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