Frequent question: Do Hue light bulbs need a hub?

Can you use hue without the hub?

The Philips Hue light bulb lineup is often recognized as the best smart lighting you can buy for your house. … As the name suggests, these bulbs have Bluetooth built-in, which means you can set them up with a smartphone app, no hub needed.

Can you use Hue lights without bridge?

Here’s how to set up Philips Hue smart light bulbs without using a Hue Bridge. You can only Philips Hue smart light bulbs without the Hue Bridge if you have the Bluetooth models. So, before you try to set up your Philips Hue bulbs, make sure that they have the Bluetooth icon on the box or at the base of the bulbs.

Do smart bulbs work without a hub?

Best answer: At least 10 smart bulb brands like C by GE, TP-Link, Sengled, and even Philips Hue, work without a hub. But LIFX, although a little pricey, not only makes some of the best smart bulbs sans hub, they also work over Wi-Fi and play nicely with your other smart home gadgets.

Does Philips Hue have to be connected to router?

Does my Hue Bridge have to stay connected to the router? Yes, the Hue Bridge must stay connected to your router or any Access Point that you are using via an Ethernet Cable at all times.

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Do you need a hue bridge to use Hue lights with Alexa?

The ALL NEW Philips Hue bluetooth smart light bulbs are a snap to set up! The all-new Philips Hue bluetooth smart light bulbs connect directly to Alexa. That means that no smart hub is required — no separate Hue Bridge hub, and no Echo with a built-in smart hub.

Does HomeKit need Hue bridge?

The new square-shaped Philips Hue bridge supports the hardware authentication required for Apple HomeKit and enables all your Philips Hue lights to work with Apple HomeKit technology. So, if you have the round-shaped Philips Hue bridge and want to use Apple HomeKit, you will need to get your hands on the new bridge.

What is no hub required?

What companies really mean when they say “no hub required” is that the device will connect to your WiFi network, then connect to the company’s servers over the internet. Those servers are running software that would normally be in a hub and are what allow them to be hubless.

Does Philips Hue need a bridge?

Bottom line. Yes, you certainly can control Philips Hue bulbs without a hub, and if you’re just dipping your toes into the smart home market, controlling your Hue lights via Bluetooth is the easiest—and least expensive—way to start.