Frequent question: Does spotlight own Harris Scarfe?

Who is Harris Scarfe owned by?

“Harris Scarfe itself this year will record a record profit,” said Avi Gilboa, group managing director of Spotlight Group, which bought Harris Scarfe from receivers last June, paying about $22 million in cash and assuming about $26 million in liabilities.

What companies does spotlight own?

Its Spotlight Retail Group (SRG) division operates fabric and craft store chain Spotlight, outdoor retailers Anaconda and Mountain Designs, and department store chain Harris Scarfe.

What did Harris Scarfe used to be?

The History of Harris Scarfe

Harris Scarfe began back in South Australia in 1849 where Mr George Peter Harris & Mr John C Lanyon formed a partnership and laid the foundations for their business as Lanyon & Harris.

Are spotlight stores franchised?

Spotlight Group is an Australian operated; Melbourne based business that is privately owned. … In 1973, the first retail store was opened under the Spotlight brand name, offering ‘Bargains Galore’ in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern.

Is spotlight an Australian owned company?

Spotlight is a family owned and operated Australian business with stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Who owns the company spotlight?

Who are the owners of spotlight?

Spotlight’s founders Ruben Fried and Morry Fraid learned about fabrics by working at their family’s stall at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market in the early 1970s. A powerful work ethic and keen business sense led them to open their first Spotlight store in Malvern in 1973.

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Where is Harris Scarfe headoffice?

What was Harris Scarfe called?

They were acquired by Harris Scarfe in 2004, but continued to trade under the Allens name. In late 2008, the name of these stores was being changed from Allens to Harris Scarfe.