Frequent question: How do I check my Floodlight tag?

How do I know if my Floodlight tag is fired?

Find Google Floodlight in the Network tag.

In the network tab, you can also find your Floodlight by typing your Floodlight Activity tag string. If you want to find any Floodlight requests type “fls.”, it will display Google Floodlights that have fired.

How do you pull a Floodlight impression report?

Click the New Report button and select Floodlight. Select the Floodlight configuration ID for which you want to show data in this report, which automatically adds all advertisers associated with that ID. Select the Floodlight activities to include in your report.

What is a Floodlight counter tag?

The Floodlight Counter tag allows you to count the number of times that users have visited a web page after those users have seen or clicked on one of your ads.

How do you set up a Floodlight tag?

Create Floodlight activities

  1. From an advertiser, click Floodlight > Activities.
  2. Click New.
  3. Name your Floodlight activity.
  4. (Optional) Select Play install tracking if you’re using the Floodlight activity to track app installs from Google Play.
  5. Enter the URL where you plan to add the tag in the Expected URL.
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What are Floodlight impressions?

A Floodlight impression is counted whenever a user visits a webpage with a Floodlight tag. A conversion is only counted if that user has previously interacted with an ad that belongs to the same advertiser as the Floodlight tag.

Where is my floodlight ID?

Find a Floodlight tag or event snippet

  • Navigate to an advertiser. …
  • In the left navigation panel, click Advertiser settings. …
  • Click the Floodlight▼ tab and select Floodlight activities. …
  • In the table, select the check box next to the Floodlight activity tag.

How does a floodlight controller work?

Floodlight Controller is an SDN Controller developed by an open community of developers, many of which from Big Switch Networks, that uses with the OpenFlow protocol to orchestrate traffic flows in a software-defined networking (SDN) environment.

How do Google flood lights work?

Floodlight is the conversion tracking system for Google Marketing Platform. Like other conversion tracking systems, it consists of tags that track activity on your site, along with reporting features for adding conversion data to your reports. It uses a cookie to recognize repeat visits from a specific browser.

What is DART Search?

The program provides agencies and advertisers with keyword management, bid management and reporting. It also enables agencies and advertisers to manage the execution of their paid search campaigns and to track display, rich media and search advertising in one centralized location.

What can floodlights track?

It allows you to track and report on conversions — the actions of users who visit your site after viewing or clicking on one of your ads — and to set up an audience, which compiles lists of users who’ve performed specific actions on a site, then makes those users available for targeting by subsequent campaigns.

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How do you implement a floodlight tag in GTM?

Configuring Floodlight Tags in GTM

  1. Create a new tag > Select DoubleClick Floodlight Counter or DoubleClick Floodlight Sales. …
  2. Enter the Advertiser ID, Group Tag, and Activity Tag, and Counting Method values from your event snippet: …
  3. Configure each Floodlight tag with an appropriate trigger.