How do I change the lightbulb in my Whirlpool oven?

Can I change the light in my oven?

When you have the correct lamp for your model it’s a simple job of replacing the bulb and putting the bulb cover back on. There you go, a replacement bulb fitted into your oven!

Are all oven bulbs the same?

Oven: Many ovens require 15-watt tubular halogen lamps while others require a 40-watt appliance bulb. Microwave oven: These often require a 25-watt T7 microwave light bulb. … Refrigerator: Usually takes a 25- to 40-watt standard base appliance bulb, but some refrigerators use a T8 intermediate base bulb.

What kind of lightbulb goes in an oven?

Most ovens use a standard 40-watt incandescent appliance bulb, but others may require halogen bulbs up to 50 watts.

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