How do LED strips connect to Govee?

Can you cut Govee LED light strips and still work?

Yes, LED strip lights will carry on working after they’ve been cut as long as you cut along the designated lines. LED strips are made up of several individual circuits, so each cut line demarcates the end of one circuit and the start of a new one.

How do I connect my Govee to WIFI?

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Turn on your phone’s GPS/Location. …
  2. Open the Govee App, click the icon ‘+’ at the top right corner. …
  3. Plug in the gateway. …
  4. The Govee App will take you back to the Wi-Fi setting showing your phone network. …
  5. Click on the “Go to set”.
  6. Go to your phone Wi-Fi list.

How do I connect Govee to Google home?

For Google, simply open the Google Home app, tap the Add button, select Set up device, select Have something already set up, and then link your Govee Home account. After that, add the kit to a virtual room within Google Home.

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