How do you adjust the headlights on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

How do you adjust the headlights on a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Open the hood of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Lift the headlamp covers to expose the alignment screws on the headlamp. Use the Phillips screwdriver, Torx tool head, or Allen wrench to rotate the alignment screws. You should adjust the headlight beam to be approximately three feet above the ground.

Does Jeep Grand Cherokee have adaptive headlights?

They will most like reappear on future models of the Grand Cherokee. The adaptive forward lighting headlamps adjust up to 15 degrees to help illuminate the road around corners at night. … The headlamps also have a feature that auto-levels them when vehicle weight change occurs to maintain optimal aim.

Can you adjust headlights up and down?

They’re often located on the top and side of the headlight unit. With these, you can tweak the aim, until the bubble is centered in the level. … You can’t align headlights if your car isn’t level. Make sure your suspension is in working order and isn’t causing your car to point up or down at any one side, too.

How much does it cost to get your headlights adjusted?

From our research, it appears the costs to adjust your headlights, when using a professional, can range anywhere from $25 to $60; however, in a lot of scenarios, the headlights often do not need to be adjusted and it will be another problem causing your headlights to aim incorrectly.

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