How do you date a Tilley lamp?

Are Tilley lamps still made?

Makers of the Famous Tilley Storm Lamp

Since 1920 we have been producing our famous lamps. … Tilley moved from Belfast in the year 2000. The company today remains a family business, which continues to manufacture the world famous Tilley Stormlight in the South of England.

Can I use petrol in a paraffin lamp?

Tips for Safely Fueling Your Oil Lamp

You should never use mineral oil, rubbing alcohol, or pure gasoline as fuel for an oil lamp.

How do you clean a Tilley lamp vaporizer?

For Tilleys I soak them in 1:5 “Marine Clean” for a few days before tapping out the residue and then heating them (as above). It has extended the life of some (but not all) of the old Tlley vaporisers I’ve gathered. But, as said above, the safest bet is to have a few spare Tilley vaporisers on board.

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