How do you determine the right size lamp shade?

Can any lamp shade fit?

Choose a shade with a bottom width that is within 2 inches of the lamp height. … A 10-inch floor lamp base needs a shade with a bottom diameter of 18 inches. Eleven- to 12-inch-diameter bases call for a 19- or 20-inch-diameter shade bottom and larger lamps need a shade with a bottom diameter of 20 to 22 inches.

How big should a ceiling lampshade be?

The height of the lampshade should be about three-quarters the height of the base. The diameter of the lampshade should be about the same as the height from the lamp base to the lamp fitting. The shade should be at least 1cm wider than the widest point of the base at both sides.

What are the 3 types of lampshades?

Once you’ve picked the appropriate size of your lamp shade, you need to consider how it will attach to the base. The three most common types of lampshade assemblies are: Spider, Uno and Clip-on (see diagram).

What does spider fitting lamp shade mean?

A: spider refers to the cross bar configuration at the top of the shade, which requires a harp fixture rising from the base of the bulb to the top, upon which a screw-on finial holds the whole shade together.

What is a UNO lamp shade fitting?

Uno lamp shades attach directly to the lamp socket. An uno lamp shade is a type of shade that fits onto a lamp socket with an uno fitter. The uno fitter has arms radiating outward attached to the inside edges of the shade that support a hollow round piece that slides over the socket.

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