How do you install LED strip lights on an RV?

Can I put LED lights in my RV?

The easiest way to add LEDs to your rig is to find a fixture designed for RVs, which will typically be 12v low voltage lighting, as opposed to 120v, which is is what most homes run on (though some RVs may have this as well). … Think of the fixture as just dressing up the bulb the way you want!

Why do people put lights under their RVS?

Aside from looking cool, under-glow lighting can also be functional by providing low-level lighting around your RV that you control. It’s ideal for those after-dark campground parking situations where you need just enough light to see what you’re doing but not too much light to bother your campground neighbors.

How do you open the porch light on an RV?

To remove the lens you will need something thin and flat like a knife or small screwdriver to gently pry the lens free. The tabs on the lens are located at the top and bottom of the lens so to avoid breaking then start gently prying on the sides of the lens until you can see the tabs well enough to avoid them.

How much power do RV LED lights use?

A 12v RV LED light consumes 0.12 amps. If your RV has 24 incandescent bulbs that need 1.6 amps of power each, you will be using 38.4 amps to power them all. If all your bulbs were LED, you would only need 2.8 amps to power all 24 bulbs.

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