How do you wire a 4 lamp ballast?

What are the red and blue wires on a ballast?

The ballast has a hot and neutral wire at one end to receive power, and two blue wires a red one at the other end to supply power to the lights.

Can you wire a 4 lamp ballast for 2 lamps?

Many replacement ballasts can be connected to more than one combination of lamps so that a 4 lamp ballast can be connected to a 3 or 2 lamp ballast. This is indicated directly on the label and on the wiring diagram.

How many ballast are in a 4 bulb fluorescent light?

A 4 lamp fixture with two rapid start ballasts can be replaced with one 4 lamp instant start ballast. As seen below, connecting the 4 lamp instant start ballast to the four lamps can be a bit confusing.

Can you wire a ballast wrong?

Replacement ballast should always match in voltage, wattage and brand. Wrong ballast types can cause fires or shorts.

Does a ballast need to be grounded?

Registered. Actually, the ballast is what needs a ground.

How many wires does a ballast have?

Wires on the Replacement Ballast / Transformer

The replacement ballast provides 5 wires: black, white, blue, blue (equivalent) and red. Incoming electrical power at the fixture connects to the line BLACK and WHITE wires shown on the diagram.

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What are the yellow wires in a ballast?

The other individual red wires connect from the ballast to push-in connectors on each side of the left holder of lamp 2. The common yellow wires connect from the ballast to push-in connectors on one of the right holders of lamp 1 or 2. Two yellow wires connect the common lampholders together.

How do you wire a 4 lamp ballast for a 3 lamp?

The two yellow wires on a 4 lamp instant start ballast are connected together inside the ballast.

  1. Cut and cap one yellow and one red or blue wire with a wire nut.
  2. Connect each of the blue ballast wires to the each of the two blue lampholder wires.
  3. Connect the red ballast wire to the third blue lampholder wire.

Can you use a 2 lamp ballast for 1 lamp?

A 1 lamp rapid start (series) ballast can be hard to find, but it can be replaced with a 2 lamp instant start (parallel) ballast.