How does convection work in a lava lamp?

How does heat transfer in a lava lamp?

Convection, the transfer of heat through a liquid by circulation of currents, is very apparent in lava lamps. When the wax is heated it becomes less dense than its surroundings and rises.

How does the lava lamp work?

In a liquid motion lamp, the heat usually comes from a light bulb. The heavier liquid absorbs the heat, and as it heats up, it expands. As it expands it becomes less dense. Because the liquids have very similar densities, the formerly heavier liquid is suddenly lighter than the other liquid, so it rises.

Is convection heat transferred?

Convection. Convective heat transfer is the transfer of heat between two bodies by currents of moving gas or fluid. In free convection, air or water moves away from the heated body as the warm air or water rises and is replaced by a cooler parcel of air or water.

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