Is Nebo a good flashlight?

Where are NEBO flashlights made?

These lights are engineered in the US at their home base in Forth Worth, Texas, where they cultivate their passion for innovative technology and creating new and exciting products for their consumers. The result is higher quality and uniquely designed flashlights that are both reliable and cost-effective.

What is the most powerful NEBO flashlight?

The newest addition to the NEBO Redline Blast family is the Redline Blast RC, which is our most powerful handheld flashlight ever.

Who owns Nebo?

ACG Brands – Home of NEBO, TRUE, Skeeter Hawk, and iPROTEC.

Are Nebo flashlights made in China?

The NEBO 6189 is manufactured in China but has a US Patent, No.

What is NEBO flashlight?

Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight 360-Lumens: NEBO Inspector Rechargeable Flashlights features FLEX Power, meaning it can be operated by the included rechargeable battery or by 2x AAA batteries.

Are NEBO batteries rechargeable?

Buying extra rechargeable batteries may seem strange, until you realize that buying that extra battery means your NEBO rechargeable light can operate continuously without taking a recharge rest and you’ll still save hundred of dollars that you might have spent on traditional alkaline batteries if you didn’t buy that …

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