Is the ring spotlight CAM any good?

Are ring spotlight cameras worth it?

Conclusion. The Spotlight Cam’s simple installation, solid performance and easy-to-use app make it a favorite among the outdoor security camera-light fixture hybrid devices I’ve tested. I don’t like that you need to pay for the monthly service to access any saved video clips, but $30 per year isn’t bad.

Does Ring Spotlight Cam have night vision?

The Spotlight Cam is an outdoor camera that can be powered by AC, battery, or solar. It features LED spotlights so you can see what triggered its built-in motion detector. It also offers color night vision and a mode that only detects people (with a paid subscription).

Does Ring Spotlight Cam work during the day?

My Ring Floodlight Cam lights have never come on during day-time. The only time that it would come on during day-time is if you: You go into the Ring app and turn the light on via the main device page. You setup a Ring light schedule.

Can Ring spotlight get wet?

This means that the Ring Spotlight Cam is waterproof as long as it is not exposed to pressurized or high velocity water. It is also mostly rust-resistant but not 100 percent rustproof.

Does ring Spotlight cam work without wifi?

Unfortunately, the Ring Spotlight will not fully work without Wi-Fi, although you’ll still have access to the Ring app, regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS, and you can still make changes, view the offline status of your Ring Spotlight Camera, and view footage stored in the cloud.

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What’s better ring spotlight or floodlight?

The main difference between the Ring Floodlight and Spotlight has to do with how they receive their power. … With the floodlight, enhanced technology is used and allows for color viewing. The spotlight has the more basic night vision set up and only allows for viewing in black and white.