Question: How many lumens is a mercury vapor light?

How many lumens does a mercury vapor bulb produce?

For example, a 175 watt mercury vapor puts out about 6,800 mean lumens while a 100 watt metal halide puts out 5,800 mean lumens. Even without considering the rapid lumen depreciation, MV uses 75% more energy to produce almost the same amount of light.

Can you put a LED bulb in a mercury vapor fixture?

Retrofit is a direct replacement of the conventional halogen or high pressure sodium bulbs with LED lamps. After the replacement of 175W mercury vapor lamps with LED, you can enjoy 80,000 hours life span and flicker free illumination.

Do mercury vapor lights get hot?

Mercury vapor lamps are all-purpose bulbs. They give off heat, visible light and UVB rays. That said, they’re best used as basking bulbs, because the heat and UV rays are highest right under them. … These bulbs do get very hot and can overheat a small enclosure.

How many lumens 70w HPS?

70 Watt. 70-watt HPS bulbs provide between 6300 and 7000 lumens of light in frosted and clear options.

Is Mercury Vapour lamp monochromatic?

Filaments of the lamp sputter fast moving electrons, which hit the sodium atoms (vapour) causing the valence electrons of the sodium atoms to excite to higher energy levels and the electrons thus excited relax by emitting the characteristic monochromatic bright yellow light (589nm).

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What is the difference between sodium Vapour lamp and mercury Vapour lamp?

Answer: The light in Sodium Vapour lamp is from an atomic emission process whereas in Mercury Vapour Lamp it is, finally, from fluorescence emission. The mechanism of light emission in a sodium vapour lamp is simple and straight-forward.

WHAT LED is equivalent to 175 watt mercury vapor?

E-lite Star offers LED replacement for 175W mercury-vapor exterior barn lights. Meet the energy efficient alternative for your obsolete 175-watt mercury vapor exterior barn lights Excellence Opto, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the e-lite star™ BR1 LED Dusk-to-Dawn Barn Light.