Quick Answer: What color headlights are legal in Oregon?

What color lights are illegal on cars in Oregon?

Oregon Neon Underglow Laws

  • No red color may be visible from the front of the vehicle.
  • Only permitted color in the rear of your car is red (white license plate illumination excluded)
  • Blue color is completely prohibited and is reserved for police vehicles.
  • No flashing lights are allowed.

What headlights are illegal in Oregon?

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS 811.515 Section (8) states: A light other than a headlight, that projects a beam of light of an intensity greater than 300 candle power shall not be operated on a vehicle: (b) when use of low beams of the vehicle headlight system is required under limited visibility conditions.

Are yellow headlights legal in Oregon?

Headlights shall show a white light. … The emitted light from all lamps and the reflected light from all reflectors, visible from in front of a vehicle, shall be white or yellow. All lamps and reflectors visible from the front, sides, or rear of a vehicle, except headlamps, may have any unlighted color, shall be red.

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Are colored headlight illegal?

The only color headlight that is legal to use in any state is white. This means that you cannot use any other color headlight. … Most states mandate that the only allowable colors for lights on the front of a vehicle are white, yellow, and amber.

Is it legal to tint headlights in Oregon?

The law states the following: All headlamps must be WHITE in color as defined by Society of Automotive Engineers and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 108. … FMVSS 108 disallows any color coating on headlights and/or headlight bulbs. Blue and green lamps are designated for use on emergency vehicles only.

Are tinted tail lights illegal in Oregon?

Oregon adopted FMVSS 108 which disallows the use of light covers on required lighting equipment when lights are required to be in use. Light covers on turn signals, taillights and brake lights are not permitted as these lights are always in use.

How many lumens is legal for headlights?

The light output from each of the lamps shall not exceed 2513 lumens.

Are fog lights illegal in Oregon?

The Oregon driver’s manual states: “Fog lights are illegal to have in operation at times when you are required to dim your headlights.” So if you couldn’t/shouldn’t have your brights on, your fog/auxiliary lights should be off.

Is it illegal to drive with interior lights on in Oregon?

Is it ever illegal to drive with your interior lights on? No, states generally do not have laws that explicitly say it is illegal to drive with your interior dome lights on.

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Is it legal to drive with interior lights on in Oregon?

No, it’s not illegal to drive with your interior lights on as there’s no legislation mandating whether people can, or cannot, legally drive with interior lighting. However, by illuminating the interior of the car you are making it much harder to see outside.

Is it illegal to drive with high beams on in Oregon?

The laws governing bright or high beam headlights are specified in the 2005-2007 Oregon Driver Manual, which states that a vehicle’s high beam headlights must be dimmed, and auxiliary lights turned off, when an oncoming vehicle is within 500 feet.