Quick Answer: What does e11 mean on a light bulb?

Are E11 and E12 interchangeable?

E11 and E12 are not interchangeable. Other semi-standard screw thread sizes are available for certain specific applications.

Will an E12 bulb fit in an E11 socket?

Allows for the use of candelabra base bulbs in mini candelabra E11 socket fixtures. Simply screw the socket adapter into your current E11 type mini candelabra base socket and you are ready to use an E12 candelabra base bulb.

Are T4 and E11 bulbs the same?

E11 is the base type and T3/T4 refers to the halogen lamp itself, not the base. I use 100W and 150W T4 type halogen lights with E11 bases. Hope this helps.

How do I know if my bulb is E12?

The 12 portion of the base name refers to the size of the base. It’s the diameter of the screw base in millimeters, so an E12 light bulb has an Edison Screw base that’s 12 millimeters in diameter. It’s also known as a candelabra-style bulb.

What is a B22 bulb?

What is a B22 LED bulb? B22 bulbs have the classic bayonet base fitting, which features two ‘mounts’ on either side of the bulb. This is also known as a ‘standard’ bayonet fitting and is the most common in the UK. … LED B22 bulbs are identical to the B22 bulbs you’re used to buying in the shop.

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What does T4 mean in halogen bulbs?

A: The “T” in T3 or T4 type halogen bulbs refers to the tubular shape, (not base) while the number refers to the diameter of the bulb. So, “T” is for Tubular, (but they can also be referred to as the ‘peanut bu… see more.

Can a halogen bulb be replaced with an LED bulb?

LED bulbs can provide bright light in a kitchen, and they give off far less heat than halogen bulbs do. They also last longer.

What is a T10 light bulb?

T10 Bulbs / T10 Incandescent Lamps

Commonly used in exit signs, showcases, picture lights, and illuminated display units, T10 incandescent bulbs are simple replacements for T10 lamps that have burned out. … You can always choose to replace your T10 light bulb with LED.