Quick Answer: What is integrated lamp?

What does integrated lamp mean?

Integrated LED lights have the LED array actually built into the fixture itself. Whether on a back-pan, strip or a heat sync disc, the LED diodes are installed into the fixture, so you won’t find a standard socket for a bulb.

Which is better integrated LED or LED?

Because of the way they are installed, integrated LED bulbs have an even longer lifetime rating than screw-in LED bulbs. They are also more visually appealing, and much more energy-efficient.

What is integrated LED outdoor lighting?

An integrated LED light fixture is a complete outdoor lighting fixture assembly that contains an in-built LED lamp. … This option is considerably inexpensive as compare to completely removing and replacing integrated LED fixture when there is a need to change color temperatures, beam spreads or even a small part.

What is the difference between integrated LED and LED lights?

Integrated LED fixtures come complete with the LED arrays already built into the fixture. They are designed to provide a specific color and Lumen output and they do not have typical “bulbs” that can be replaced. … LED Ready fixtures: these fixtures are designed to use LED bulbs and typically are sold without the bulbs.

Why are LED lights integrated?

To produce light, an integrated LED light fixture sends an electrical current to the LED microchips, which combine to create white light. An LED light setup is extremely versatile and allows integrated LED fixtures to branch out beyond common lighting, ceiling fan and recessed light shapes.

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Are all LED lights integrated?

In short, there isn’t one. It all depends on your specific goals and unique project. If up-front cost is a big issue and your lighting system is already installed, independent might be the way to go. If longevity and control are the most important factors to you, integrated is most likely your best bet.

Can integrated LED lights be dimmed?

At first glance, LED technology appears to be very friendly with dimming control, with dimmable integrated LED lamps available. However, the given integrated lamp must be rated as compatible with the given line-voltage dimmer.

Why do LED lights stop working?

However, they can still be damaged due to the burning of other components (except for the led chip) due to negative reasons from the current and installation. Heat buildup, screwing bulbs too tightly, or placing LEDs in improper electrical circuits and accessories are common causes of LEDs stopping working.