Should you turn your headlights on in fog?

Do you turn on headlights in fog?

When you drive in fog or heavy snowfall you must use your dipped headlights and fog lights. Fog lights consist of one or two bright red rear lights and two low-mounted headlights. … Fog lights can be distracting and/or blinding to other drivers when there is no fog, so it’s important to only turn them on when required.

Is it best to use the lights when driving in fog?

If you must drive in foggy conditions, you should use your low beam headlights, as well as your fog lights, if your vehicle has them. High beams direct their light upwards, where it can bounce off the fog and into your eyes, reducing visibility even more.

What should you turn on when driving in fog?

Use low-beam headlights.

When visibility is restricted, a driver’s natural tendency is to activate the high-beam headlights. When driving in fog, this further impairs visibility because the high-beam illumination reflects off of the fog and back at your vehicle.

When should you turn on your fog lights?

When should you use fog lights? According to the Highway Code, you should only use your fog lights when your visibility is reduced to 100 metres (328 feet) or less – the equivalent of a football pitch. If you use it when you can see further than the recommended distance, you could put other drivers at risk.

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Why should you switch off fog lights?

Why should you turn your fog lights off when visibility improves? Rear fog lights can obscure your brake lights and may prevent drivers behind from realising that your braking. Both front and rear fog lights create unnecessary glare in good visibility which can dazzle and annoy other road users.

What is the safest thing to do when there is fog?

Dense fog can create dangerous conditions on the road, especially if it’s extremely dense fog or combined with other severe weather conditions. The safest thing to do is pull over into a parking area until the fog clears.

How do you drive in fog without fog lights?

Use your low beams.

The visibility in front of you will sharply decrease in a fog, so use the vehicle’s low beam lights (if the vehicle does not have fog lights or driving lights). Heavy fog conditions prohibit use of high beam headlights. The light from high beam headlights will be reflected back by thick fog.

Should you turn on hazards in fog?

Use fog lights if you have them. Never use your high-beam lights. … In extremely dense fog where visibility is near zero, the best course of action is to first turn on your hazard lights, then simply pull into a safe location such as a parking lot of a local business and stop.

Do you keep fog lights on?

Use the fog lights only when you have very low visibility, and don’t forget to turn them off when the fog has lifted. Even though it may be legal, it can make visibility difficult for other drivers.

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