What do you hang outdoor string lights on?

What hooks do you use to hang patio lights?

One of the ways to hang outdoor patio lights without nails is using adhesive hooks or gutter hooks. Alternatively, you can tape or staple them to your wall.

Will command hooks hold outdoor string lights?

Command Outdoor adhesive holds strongly through rain, snow, and extreme temperatures on smooth, finished surfaces, and these string light clips remove cleanly¬ with no sticky residue or damage left behind. Make everyday, spring patio, and Christmas decorating fun and easy with Command Outdoor Light Clips.

What is AQ hanger?

QH-12 (12 PACK) – $10.99 USD. The Hangman Christmas Light Hangers (Q-Hangers) are a patented all year outdoor stainless steel wire holder. A simple way to hang holiday lights, bird feeders, bird houses, wind chimes, etc. Installs easily and is wind and weather resistant with a lifetime warranty. These are made to last.

Can you hang string lights with nails?

String lights are brighter and heavier. They look more old-fashioned, bulky and generally have fewer bulbs along the strand. You’ll usually need nails or a staple gun to hang them. You can buy these online or in your local Target or Lowe’s.

Can you hang string lights with a staple gun?

Using a staple gun to attach holiday lights is an action that will get you on the naughty list. … Not only will staples damage your home, you could also damage the lights. One staple misfire can ruin an entire strand of lights. So, the first rule for safe decorating: Put down the staple gun.

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