What does a daylight sensor in Minecraft do?

Do daylight sensors work inside Minecraft?

It will work the same. As long as a daylight sensor has sky access it will output the appropriate redstone signal strength.

What blocks can daylight sensors see through?

Sunlight will penetrate any block the game deems ‘transparent’ (e.g. slabs, stairs, pistons, etc.) and will also ‘wrap around’ underneath solid blocks that have a direct path to the sky nearby.

When did Minecraft add daylight sensors?


November 24, 2012 Jeb stated that there may be a daylight sensor.
January 2, 2013 Jeb tweeted an image of the daylight sensor.
Java Edition
1.5 Added daylight sensors.
1.8 Daylight sensors can now be toggled between day and night by using them.
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