What happens when a flashlight shakes?

How do you use a shake flashlight?

Shake the Flashlight On

You’ll need to install an app called Shake Flashlight. Just shake your phone, and the Flashlight will turn on. You can turn on the Flashlight even if the screen of your Android device is off, then just shake it again to turn the Flashlight off.

What phone can you shake to turn on flashlight?

How to get the Moto X’s shake-activated flashlight on any Android phone. By Nick T. Get a Galaxy flagship deal from Samsung’s Renewed program! Motorola’s phones are awesome for a whole bunch of reasons – they’re customizable, bloat-free, and deliver great value for their cost, to name a few.

Can you shake iPhone with flashlight on?

Just as the tweak’s name implies, ShakeLight lets you activate your iPhone’s LED torch by shaking your handset. … ShakeLight was designed to prevent accidental activations, and as such, it will only work when your handset is unlocked.

Can I shake my phone to turn on the camera?

Install Shake Flashlight & Camera from the Google Play Store. When you open the app it will ask for permission to access the photos and camera on your device. This is because the app also supports a shake gesture for quickly opening the camera.

Do flashlights use magnets?

The shake weights in the flashlight consist of an electrical generator, a component to store the electricity (usually a capacitor and an LED lamp). The electrical generator consists of a very strong magnet that is able to slide back and forth through the center of a solenoid (a slinky shaped wire).

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