What headlights do you use in fog?

Which headlight beams are best to use in the fog?

If you must drive in foggy conditions, you should use your low beam headlights, as well as your fog lights, if your vehicle has them. High beams direct their light upwards, where it can bounce off the fog and into your eyes, reducing visibility even more.

Is it illegal to drive with fog lights on in UK?

You MUST NOT use front or rear fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced (see Rule 226) as they dazzle other road users and can obscure your brake lights. You MUST switch them off when visibility improves.

When should you not use fog lights?

Fog lights must only be used if you cannot see more than 100 m in front of the vehicle, in dense fog or falling snow and night-timedriving. Fog lights must be switched off when visibility improves.

Are fog lights brighter than headlights?

Fog lights illuminate the road directly in front of a vehicle, making driving easier and safer in bad conditions. Most LED fog lights bulbs are brighter than halogen, and in bad weather and fog, brighter is almost always better.

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