What is DoubleClick Floodlight?

What does a floodlight do?

Flood lights work by “flooding” an area with light, where they can produce a wider beam of usually up to 120-degrees. These area lights are great for illuminating larger outdoor spaces while maintaining the same wattage or lumen output as a spotlight.

What is a floodlight on a website?

Floodlight is the conversion tracking system for Google Marketing Platform. Like other conversion tracking systems, it consists of tags that track activity on your site, along with reporting features for adding conversion data to your reports. It uses a cookie to recognize repeat visits from a specific browser.

What is dv360 floodlight?

An optional feature for conversion and event tracking in Display & Video 360. It allows you to: Monitor and report on conversions. (For example, the actions users take interacting with one of your ads)

When should you set up floodlight activities?

You can create Floodlight activity groups while you’re setting up new Floodlight activities, or follow these steps to create one separately:

  1. From an advertiser, click Floodlight > Activity groups.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the row that appears, name your group.
  4. Choose either counter or sales as the activity type.

Are flood lights good for security?

First of all, incorrectly installed flood lights can actually help the criminals and experienced burglars are aware of these mistakes. Secondly, keep in mind that flood light alone cannot function as the main security tool that has to protect your home from burglaries.

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What is the difference between a floodlight and a pixel?

Pixels (sometimes called floodlight tags) are a snippet of code placed on a website that is used to track user behavior throughout the flow of the website. A pixel is different from a UTM code because it can track a specific EVENT or ACTION such as a form completion, online order, site visit, etc.

What is a Floodlight audience?

Audience uses Floodlight tags to track user activities. To use audience lists, you first create Floodlight activities to add users to your lists, then create expressions that target members of the lists. Lists can be shared with other advertisers or accounts, who can also target ads to them.

Why do you need Floodlight tags?

A floodlight tag is a piece of code generated in Campaign Manager that is placed on a website’s individual pages, allowing marketers to track what a user is doing when visiting their site.

How do I pull a Floodlight report?

Click New Report and select Floodlight. Select the Floodlight configuration ID that you want to show data for in the report. This automatically adds all advertisers associated with that ID. Select the Floodlight activities to include in your report.