What is the best type of desk lamp?

What kind of desk lamp is best for your eyes?

Top 10 Best Desk Lamp For Eyes Reviews 2021

  • OTUS Metal Swing Arm Dimmable LED Lamp. …
  • JUKSTG 36pcs – High Quality LED Lamp. …
  • Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp. …
  • TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp. …
  • Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp by Lumiy. …
  • Phive CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp. …
  • JOLY JOY Swing Arm 9W Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp.

Is an LED desk lamp better?

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs use up to 75 percent less energy (and are cool to the touch) and also last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. So even if you burn the lamp 40 hours a week, it will last you several years.

Is LED desk lamp good for eyes?

We seriously suggest you to stay away from using LED desk lamps or other LED task lights for visually demanding works. LED lighting might hurt your eyes and compromise your health if you’re not a well-educated consumer who is difficult to identify a qualified product.

How do I choose a good study lamp?

After learning the importance of proper desk lighting, you must be wondering: how do I choose the best desk lamp? A great desk lamp must have the correct brightness, the right balance of function and adjustability, and include the necessary features that are best suited for your tasks and space.

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Which light is good for eyes CFL or LED?

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs): CFL bulbs produce fewer UV rays and are more energy efficient than bright white incandescent and fluorescent tube bulbs. They are less energy efficient than LED bulbs, but they usually cost less up front.

How many watts should a desk lamp be?

So, how many watts do you need for a desk lamp? For general purposes, 40 watts is enough. It is equivalent to 450 lumens stated above. For more delicate tasks, 60 to 75 watts is sufficient.