What is the brightest g4 LED bulb?

What is the brightest G4 bulb?

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This item Focusled® G4 Brightest LED Lamp Light Bulbs 3.5W LED Lights- 3000K Warm White AC/DC 12V 300 LUMEN DiCUNO G4 LED Light Bulbs, 1.2W (10W Halogen Equivalent), 120LM, Cool White (6000K), 12V, Non-Dimmable G4 Capsule Bulbs for Home Lighting, 10-Pack
Wattage 3.5 watts 1.2 watts

How many lumens is a G4 bulb?

The Sylvania 64425 clear halogen lamp has a T2. 75 bulb shape and a G4 base type.

Product Attributes.

Lumens 375
Voltage 12
Base Type G4
Lighting Technology Halogen
Pin Spacing 4 mm

Which LED bulb gives more brightness?

Lumens equal brightness

More lumens per watt equals to more brightness. The table below would help you choose the right LED bulb. For example, your traditional 60W bulb is equivalent to a 5W LED bulb. Similarly, your CFL ranging from 18W – 23W is equivalent to a 10W LED bulb.

How bright are G4 LED bulbs?

Firstly, the true brightness of LED bulbs is measured in lumens. For instance, a 2.4w G4 LED spotlight which has 150 lumens produces a comparable brightness to 20w standard light.

How many watts is a G4 LED bulb?

Spec Sheet

No. 4318400
Energy Used (Watts) 1.50
Lamp Base G4
Volts 12
Color Temperature (Kelvin) 3000
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Is a G4 bulb LED?

Available in a variety of colour temperatures, these bulbs are incredibly cost-efficient and are ideal for use as decorative fixtures in areas such as lounges and bedrooms. …

How many lumens is 20W?

Convert Lumens to Watts

LED Lumens
10W 900 lm
12W 1,125 lm
15W 1,500 lm
20W 2,250 lm

Does higher lumens mean brighter?

Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb. More lumens means it’s a brighter light; fewer lumens means it’s a dimmer light. Lumens let you buy the amount of light you want.

What is 8w LED equivalent to?

LED light bulbs take energy efficiency to another level, using around 40% less energy than CFL equivalents.

LED equivalents to CFL light bulbs.

CFL Light Bulb Wattage LED Equivalent Wattage
9 Watt 5.5 Watt
5 Watt 3 Watt

How bright is a 15W LED light?

LED light bulbs for general use around the home will typically have a wattage between 5W-15W, and will emit between 300-500 lumens.