What is the difference between a 120v and 130v light bulb?

Can I use a 130V bulb in a 125v socket?

Yes it is totally safe. 125v and 130v incandescent lamps are fairly common and they are always run at 120v. The lamp will burn with a slightly lower lumen output, but should last longer.

What is the difference between 120-volt and 130 volt?

If a 120-volt socket surges to 125 volts, then a 120-volt lamp will burn out the bulb. On the other hand, the 130-volt lamp will not. Although 130-volt lamps may last more than twice as long as 120-volt bulbs, but they will produce about 10 percent less light than 120-volt bulbs of the same wattage.

What does 120 VAC mean on a light bulb?

120 volts is the standard voltage supply for American homes.

120 volts is commonly referred to as “line voltage” by electricians and other industry experts. … A 120-volt light bulb can typically be screwed into an indoor light fixture and operate correctly without further complication.

Can I use a 130V bulb instead of 120V?

For example 120V and 130V bulbs are interchangeable and the pros in using a 130 Volt bulb are: cooler burning bulb, less energy use, longer life and better handling of voltage surges.

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What is the best light bulb wattage?

For a room with decent natural light, that should be around 60 watts. For a room with few/no windows, balance the 60 watt desk light with ambient overhead lights or bump that number up to 75 watts.

Can I replace a 125V bulb with a 120V bulb?

The original lamp is rated at 125V, which would make it last somewhat longer operating at a nominal 120V. You could go with the 120V lamp, but you might see slightly shorter life.

How do I know if my pool light is 12V or 120V?

Check the back of the light housing where the cord connects into the light, there will be a label specification of your light. The brightness of a 12V and 120V will be the same.

What wattage is a 120 volt light bulb?

If you multiply the volts by the amps, you get the wattage. In this case, 120 volts multiplied by 10 amps equals 1,200 watts. This holds true for any electrical appliance. If you plug in a light and it draws half an amp, it’s a 60-watt light bulb.

How do I know what size light bulb I need?

The light bulb size is determined by the maximum overall diameter (MOD) of the bulb’s shell. It is represented in eighths of an inch (1/8″). It’s also important to keep in mind the bulb’s length (or height) that is defined as the maximum overall length (MOL) expressed in inches.