What is the difference between metal halide and sodium lamps?

What is the difference between MH and HPS bulbs?

MH, or Metal Halide, and HPS, or High Pressure Sodium, are two types of High Intensity Discharge lights that give a brighter effect, and also help to save energy. … While the MH bulbs produce a blue-white colour, HPS bulbs produce amber white lights.

Can you use a metal halide bulb in a high pressure sodium fixture?

Metal Halide Light Bulbs provide extremely bright light best used for parking lots, construction sites, and stadiums where safety and security are a top priority. If your fixture has a High Pressure Sodium ballast, conversion lamps are just what you need. These lamps come in 400-Watt conversion or 1000-Watt conversion.

Which is better metal halide or high pressure sodium?

Metal halide is much less efficient than high pressure sodium–MH produces much less light per watt; MH produces more glare due to the blue light component and increases adaptation time; MH more effectively shuts off melatonin production which can trigger tumor growth; MH contains more mercury within the bulbs; MH …

What’s better HPS or metal halide?

HPS is about twice as electrically efficient as metal halide. Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is what really matters to plant growth, and delivery of usable PAR is better with HPS than metal halide. … Metal halides deliver, on average, about 80,000-110,000 lumens per standard 1,000-watt bulb.

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Do metal halide lamps need a ballast?

Metal halide (MH) ballasts are required to start the lamp, regulate the lamp starting and lamp operating currents, and provide appropriate sustaining supply voltage. … MH lamp voltage typically increases over time, and the ballast must continue to provide sufficient voltage to the lamp as it ages.

Will HPS work in MH ballast?

No. HID lamps & ballasts are a matched set. There are some combinations that will operate for a while, but it ends up in the failure of one component.

Is metal arc the same as metal halide?

Compared to standard metal halide lamps, METALARC PULSE START lamps reach 90 percent of full light output 30 percent faster and have a 60 percent shorter hot restrike time. METALARC PULSE START lamps may be combined with SYLVANIA HID ballasts to form a complete system.

Can you touch metal halide bulb?

You should be extremely careful never to get skin oils or anything else on a small MH lamp (the small ones are around the size of a fingertip or so). This will definitely harm the lamp and can cause premature failure.