What is the illumination?

What is illumination example?

The definition of an illumination is the act or process of making something clearer or brighter or a device for doing so. An example of an illumination is an explanation. An example of an illumination is a bright porch lamp. … The act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated.

What is illumination power?

Illuminating Power. The relative light given by any source compared with a standard light, and stated in terms of the same, as a burner giving an illuminating power of sixteen candles.

What is illumination in the Bible?

Illumination of Christian Bibles seems to have been taken place from an early date. … In this Greek Bible, the decorative panels at the end of each book (‘endpieces’) include stylised botanical images as well as other forms, such as a chalice, a Eucharistic symbol.

What is illumination in reading?

Illumination is light. Kids up past their bedtimes have been known to read entire books under their covers using only the illumination from a flashlight. Use the noun illumination to talk about light, like the illumination of the moon on the surface of a lake.

What is illumination in psychology?

1. the act of lighting or casting light or the state of being lighted. 2. a moment of insight, such as the nature and processes of an interpersonal relationship, the solution to a problem, or about the understanding of an event. See also aha experience; epiphany.

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How does light affect the brain?

Bright light exposure activates regions of the brain that promote alertness, and improves cognitive performance [3]. Light activates factors that are essential for memory formation [4], as well as factors that are important for the regulation of mood and overall brain health [1].

What is illumination Wikipedia?

Illumination, an observable property and effect of light, may also refer to. Lighting, the use of light sources. Illumination (image), the use of light and shadow in art. Illuminated manuscript, the artistic decoration of hand-written texts. Global illumination, algorithms used in 3D computer graphics.

How do you use illuminate?

Illuminate sentence example

  1. She opened the single wardrobe, pushing the doors open enough for the room’s light to illuminate the contents. …
  2. Torch lights illuminate from a different level than the ground lighting. …
  3. In such instruments an arrangement is often required to intensely illuminate the object.

What is illumination art?

An illumination is an. EMBELLISHMENT, or additional decoration that enhances the pages of a written, or manuscript page. The term, Illumination comes. from the term Illuminate, or to. fill with light.

What does illumination mean in business?

(noun) The act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated.

What is illumination science?

In a general sense, the science of the application of lighting. … In a specific quantitative sense, illumination is the combination of the spatial density of radiant power received at a surface and the effectiveness of that radiation in producing a visual effect.