What is the minimum distance at which you must switch your high beams to headlights?

What distance do you have to turn off your high beams?

In our Highway Traffic Act (HTA) it states (Section 168) that every driver should not make use of their high beam headlights when they are within 60 metres of following a vehicle or within 150 metres of an approaching vehicle. Sounds simple and straight forward.

When should you turn high beams off?

High beams must be switched off when you are within 500 feet of oncoming traffic or within 200 feet when you are approaching from behind. Dim your high beam lights for pedestrians who are approaching your vehicle.

When must you turn on your headlights?

The law says you must turn your headlights on 30 minutes after sunset and leave them on until 30 minutes before sunrise. You must turn your lights on any time you can’t see at least 1000 feet ahead. Use your low beam headlights whenever it is raining.

What is the minimum following distance behind a truck in meters?

Legal minimum following distances

A road train following a long vehicle (a vehicle 7.5m or longer) must maintain a minimum following distance of 200m. A regular long vehicle travelling behind another long vehicle must travel a minimum of 60m behind.

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