What is the price of table lamp?

What is the rate of table lamp?

Questions & Answers on LED Table Lamps

Base Material Min Price Max Price
Metal Rs 2450/Piece Rs 5800/Piece
Plastic Rs 125/Piece Rs 1199/Piece

What is the price of a lamp?

Questions & Answers on Lamps

Shade Shape Min Price Max Price
Bell Rs 750/Piece Rs 750/Piece
Dome Rs 750/Piece Rs 750/Piece

Is it good to study in table lamp?

Lamp bulbs that are bright, with a cool white light to natural daylight are easy on the eyes and best suited for reading and studying. A lamp with a long neck will disperse light across a bigger area while a spotlight bulb is better when you need focused light in one specific area.

Which lamp is best for studying?

Best 9 Study Table Lamps in India

Product (Best Brands) Average User Rating
Wipro Garnet Led Table Lamp Our Pick 4.6/5
Smart One Rock Light Led Table Study Lamp Good Looking Product 3.9/5
SYSKA SSK-TL-8605L POWERLIGHT 10W LED Table lamp 4.2/5
Philips Air Led Desk Light Convenient To Use 4.3/5

What is a desk lamp for?

A desk lamp is a portable task light that sits on a desk or table to provide targeted illumination for accomplishing tasks such as computer work, reading, writing, drafting, crafting, bookkeeping, sewing, knitting, and painting. Desk lamps provide adjustable illumination to ensure task visibility and ergonomic comfort.

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What color is good for your eyes at night?

Green lights can help regulate the circadian rhythm. Overexposure to green light at night, as with blue light, can reset the clock, throwing off the natural rhythm. Yellow light, has been proven effective in protecting the retinas of patients exposed to excessive blue light, since it offers the best contrast.

What kind of desk lamp is good for eyes?

Around 2700k is considered a warm ‘soft’ white, while 4000 – 5000k is a much brighter, cooler light. At the top end of the scale, anything over 5000k is akin to daylight. Soft white light is generally best for avoiding eye strain over long periods of time, whilst brighter cool light should be used in short bursts.