What is the symbolism of a lamp?

What does a lamp symbolize in literature?

Two common symbols used in literature are darkness and light. … Darkness is often used to convey negativity: evil, death or the unknown. Light is used to convey something positive: goodness, life or hope.

What does LAMP mean spiritually?

A Symbol of Hope

Light is also a spiritual symbol of hope. In many of the world’s religions, light signifies salvation from the darkness of sin. Believers gain confidence from knowing that letting their light of faith shine in a dark world can bring about real change for the better in their lives.

Why does light symbolize knowledge?

Across cultures, light is an ancient symbol of understanding and intellectual thought: it is the opposite of ignorance, or darkness. Almost universally, the dark is considered to be frightening and sinister, associated with things we cannot understand. Light is said to conquer darkness and to bring order out of chaos.

What is the meaning of the parable of the lamp?

Jesus tells the parable of the lamp on the stand to encourage his followers to stand out, to be an example and not to hide away. Jesus is saying that for the Christian message to spread and develop, followers must proclaim and show their faith. …

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Why do we light the lamp?

Fire represents purity. … As soon as the fire is lit, darkness flees away. Similarly, the lamp being offered to the lord dispels the darkness inside the heart of the devotee.

What does the lamp represent in the parable of the ten virgins?

When the bridegroom’s approach was announced, these maidens went out with lamps to light his way into the house for the celebration. In this parable the virgins represent members of the Church, and the bridegroom represents Christ.

What does a broken light bulb symbolize?

A Broken Light Bulb – A broken light bulb usually represents loss or the act of letting go. It can also represent transition, usually into something better, or the loss of control. Lit Light Bulb – A lit light bulb generally represents a sudden, bright idea.

What is the meaning of the lamp of the body?

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. … Many scholars regard the eyes as windows through which light enters into the body, interpreting the genitive in the phrase as an objective genitive.