What LED light color is best for reading?

What color LED light is best for studying?

Natural White LED Bulbs are most suited for studying as they mimic the natural daylight very closely. You should opt for CRI90+ LED bulbs because they emit the most balanced light. Make sure there’s enough ambient lighting as it can help boost your performance.

Is amber light better for reading?

Reading book lights with specific amber globes helps minimize blue light exposure, allowing sleep hormones such as melatonin to perform their job. Complimenting these specific lights with blue light block glasses further reduces your exposure and potential eye strain allowing for a deeper sleep.

What LED color is best for focus?

Lights at a 5000K color temperature are the best for focusing, whether we are in an office setting, athletic complex, school, or healthcare setting. The LED Color Tuning Series from Sigma Luminous is perfect for this.

What color LEDs help focus?

Cool light colors – blues and whites – are the best color LEDs for studying. They mimic daylight, which helps to keep your mind awake and focused. Cooler colors will make sure that you’re at your most attentive as you study.

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