What size LED ring light do I need?

How big should ring light be?

A 10-inch ring light is suitable for close-ups. If you mostly film makeup tutorials, you do not need a light that can brighten an entire room. If you need to fill a room or outdoor space with light, consider getting an 18-inch ring light. The larger size will help illuminate a large area and more of the background.

Does it matter what size ring light you get?

Size: Ring lights come in a number of sizes, but the ones in our guide fall between 4.6 and 18 inches. The larger the ring, the more light it’ll create, so think about where you’re planning on recording videos or taking pictures, and what time of day your shoots will take place.

How do I choose an LED ring?

What to look for when choosing a ring light for YouTube videos

  1. Size Matters. Broader lights produce a softer light. …
  2. Dimmable. If your light is dimmable, you will have more control over how much light you will cast on your subject. …
  3. Adjustable Color Temperature. …
  4. High Color Rendering Index. …
  5. Power Options. …
  6. Extra Diffusion.

Can a ring light be too big?

Ring lights can range anywhere between 8” and 19”. We consider a small or mini ring light to be around 8”, a medium-sized ring light to be around 12” or 14”, and a large ring light to be 18” or 19”. … Generally, a larger ring light is going to be more expensive and more effective than its smaller counterparts.

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What is the biggest ring light?

The Saturn Pro 48″ Bi-Color LED Ring Light is undoubtedly the best ring light if you want sheer size and pure power, with its 48″ / 121cm head pumping out 1200W incandescent equivalent or 2200 Lux at up to 3 feet – both of which are more than enough to illuminate a full-length subject, multiple people, or a very large …

Which ring light is best for YouTube videos?

The best ring lights for YouTube, Zoom, videos and more

  • Fositan. 18-inch LED Ring Light Kit.
  • Neewer. Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light.
  • Neewer. 20-inch LED Ring Light Kit.
  • Mactrem. LED Ring Light 6″
  • Neewer. 12-inch RGB Ring Light.
  • Neewer. Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit.
  • Ivisii. 19 inch Ring Light.
  • Rotolight. Neo 2.

Are ring lights worth it?

If you’re taking any sort of photos or videos at home, a ring light might be a worthwhile investment. … Ring lights gained popularity from the photography community, but they’ve quickly become a must-have for all types of content creators thanks to their versatility.