What smart bulbs work best with Alexa?

What bulbs do I need to work with Alexa?

Here are the smart bulbs that work with Alexa

  • TP-Link LB100 LED – $20 each.
  • TP-Link LB110 LED – $25 each.
  • TP-Link LB120 LED – $35 each.
  • Lifx White 800 LED – $40 each.
  • Lifx Color 1000 LED – $60 each.
  • Cree Connected LED – $15 each, requires smart home hub.
  • GE Link LED – $15 each, requires smart-home hub.

Do smart lights work with Alexa?

The Lifx White A19 is an inexpensive, tunable white smart bulb that doesn’t require a hub and works well with Alexa. Using Amazon’s smart assistant, you can ask Alexa to turn on the lights and change the bulb to a particular shade of white.

Do G9 bulbs work with Alexa?

FluxTech – Wi-Fi Smart Dimmable CCT Colour G9 Bulb

SMART VOICE CONTROL – The WiFi Alexa bulb works with Alexa / Google Home, dim the brightness of the smart bulb by simply giving voice commands, “Alexa, Turn the light on!” or “Alexa, Dim the light 40%!”

Do Sylvania bulbs work with Alexa?

SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Full Color and Tunable White A19 LED Bulb, Works with SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, 1 pack.

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Do I need special light bulbs for Alexa?

You don’t need to rewire your home to control your lights by voice with Alexa. You simply need to buy smart LED bulbs that can connect to WiFi or a smart hub that’s compatible with Amazon’s Echo. With Alexa and your voice, you can turn the bulbs on or off.

Do smart bulbs work with Echo dot?

The Echo Dot comes with a pair of Philips Hue white A19 smart bulbs, which are Bluetooth– and Zigbee-compatible, so the setup and pairing is ridiculously easy. Since the lights connect via Bluetooth, you can just tell your new Dot, “Alexa, discover devices,” and it should pair by itself — you don’t need the Hub.

Does Philips Hue bulb work with Alexa?

With Alexa, you can control your Philips Hue lights inside or outside your home with just your voice.

Do they make G9 smart bulbs?

Product Description: Smart dimmable G9 2.7W 0 – 260lm 3000K, 2.7W 0 – 300lm 6000K.

Can you get smart gu9 bulbs?

Focusled® 5 Packs G9 Smart Adjustable LED Bulbs with New Technology (Three Color-Dimmable Adjustable) LED Bulbs 4.5W Super Bright Lamps 350-380LM AC 220-240V [Energy Class A+++]