Who lives in a magic lamp?

Who lived in Aladdin Lamp?

The magician who first gave Aladdin the lamp steals it back, but Aladdin regains the lamp, and he and the sultan’s daughter live happily ever after.

Who are the characters in Aladdin and the Magic Lamp?


  • Aladdin.
  • Aladdin’s mother.
  • Princess Badroulbadour.
  • The genie of the ring.
  • The genie of the lamp.
  • The sorcerer.
  • The sorcerer’s brother.

Is Aladdin Lamp real?

According to scholars, it’s likely Diyab based the story from his own experiences as a Middle Eastern man experiencing France for the first time. … Disney, however, modeled its Aladdin from the movie The Thief of Baghdad (1940) and transplanted the story to a fictional Middle Eastern city.

What kind of a boy was Aladdin?

ALADDIN is a poor boy who finds a magical Genie. He wishes to be a prince so he can marry Princess Jasmine. JASMINE is a Princess who wants to see the world outside the palace.

Who is Aladdin Mustafa?

Mustafa is a waiter in Ratatouille. In the film, a critic asks him who made the delicious soup (it was actually Remy who made it but Linguini got the credit). He is voiced by John Ratzenberger.

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