Why was the light bulb important to the industrial revolution?

Why was the electric light important to the industrial revolution?

In the late Victorian period, the invention of the light bulb provided a much safer alternative to the open flame of the gaslight, especially in the often hazardous atmospheres of factories. Distribution networks were gradually expanded, the electricity being provided by coal-powered generators.

How was the light bulb important to the growth of America?


The light bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison; however, he significantly improved it and made it practical for use. … The light bulb contributed to the economic growth of the United States by encouraging the development of factories that could be located wherever electric lines could be strung.

Why was Thomas Edison’s light bulb important?

Edison invented or refined devices that made a profound impact on how people lived. The most famous of his inventions was the incandescent light bulb (1878), which would revolutionize indoor lighting and forever separate light from fire.

How does the light bulb impact our lives?

The invention of electricity and the light bulb had a tremendous impact on our lives. … With the light bulb, people could have a well-lit environment regardless of whether it was daytime or nighttime. It made it easier for people to read. It also made it easier for people to perform work-related tasks and to study.

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How do light bulbs affect global warming?

Because most electricity worldwide is generated by burning coal, which releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, especially in warmer climates, and have an impact on the amount of global …