You asked: What does br30 light bulb mean?

What is the difference between BR30 and BR40?

Within the floodlight category, the main difference between the BR30 LED and the BR40 LEDs that I tested is the amount of light produced. With 1100 lumens, the BR40 LEDs are about 40 to 70 percent brighter than the BR30 LEDs. In a two-story space they’ll “wash” the walls and ceiling as well as the floor.

What are BR30 bulbs used for?

BR30 light bulbs deliver soft-edged, directional light and can typically be found in general household light fixtures, recessed can lighting, and/or track lighting. Their lighting is less precise and produces less shadow than PAR bulbs, but they are great for fixtures that use dimmer switches.

Does BR30 fit E26?

The BR30 is for an E26 light socket, while the A19 is for an A19 socket. The E26 is a smaller / thinner socket and is a lot less common than the A19. But it might be what you need for your application – check the size of the socket on the light fixture you intend to use this bulb with.

Is BR30 brighter than A19?

Cons. For ceiling lights, can lights, and outdoor floodlights, the BR30 is an ideal shape that casts light more directly than the A19. Designed to serve almost as a downlight, the BR30 can still easily light up an entire room with a single bulb.

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What is BR30?

BR30 lamps are a type of lamp approximately 5 inches long and slightly less than 4 inches in diameter. They belong to category of directional lighting types, with typically a “wide flood” beam angle.

Can I use a BR30 bulb instead of a R30?

So, a BR30 is 30/8 inches, or three and 3/4 inches. An MR11 is 11/8 inches. So, you can swap out a PAR30 for an R30 or a BR30 – they are all the same size.

Are R and BR bulbs interchangeable?

What is the difference between Par and BR/R bulbs? Both kinds of bulbs are practically interchangeable, depending on your space and your lighting needs. … BR stands for Bulge Reflector and refers to the reflective coating that is found inside the bulb that directs the light forward.

Can BR30 replace R30?

The BR stands for “bulged reflector” and it has come to replace the older “R” type bulbs. … So this long answer is to say that a BR30 bulb is a replacement for the older R30 bulb. see less The 30 is the important number. It stands for the diameter of the bulb in 1/8 inches.