You asked: What is the resistance of a small light bulb?

What is the resistance of a 2.5 V bulb?

From this, the resistance of the 2.5W bulb is R=6V/0.38A=15.7Ω and 6V/0.15A=40Ω for the 1W bulb.

How do you calculate the resistance of a light bulb?

Since it involves the relationship of power voltage, current, and resistance, using the formula I=P/V with P and V known to find the current, and then using the formula R=P/I^2 to find the resistance will be the right steps to take.

Do bulbs have high resistance?

Incandescent light bulbs have a small filament which when heated begins to glow and emit light. The reason the filament heats up is because it has a high resistance, which means that as electrons move through the filament, they lose a lot of energy.

What is the resistance of a 12v bulb?

The resistance of an illuminated 12 volt 21 watt indicator bulb will be about 7 ohms.

Which has higher resistance 50w or 25w?

Resistance R = V2/P, where V is the potential difference and P is the power in Watts. So, the more the power, the lower will be the resistance and vice versa. … Thus, 25 W bulb will have double the resistance as compared to 50 Watt bulb.

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What is the resistance of a torch bulb rated at 2.5 V and 300ma?

Hence the power and resistance are 1.25 W and 5 Ω respectively.

What is the resistance of a torch bulb rated at 2.5 V and 500 MB?

Hence, the resistance of the torch bulb is .