You asked: What kind of light bulbs are considered decorative?

Are fan bulbs considered decorative?

A15 fan bulbs aren’t really considered decorative bulbs but are often used in fans and small lamps. We carry 15, 25, 30, 40, and 60 watt, clear and frost, in a mixture of candelabra, intermediate (E17), and medium bases.

Are Globes considered decorative bulbs?

Globe bulb | Decorative Light Bulbs.

What does D mean decorative bulbs?

Incandescent Bulbs

They are available in either clear or frosted, General (A), Globe (G), Decorative (D), (flame, teardrop, and other shapes).

What are the 4 types of light?

There are four main types of lighting that are used in a retail setting: Ambient, Task, Accent and Decorative.

  • Ambient lighting. Ambient lighting refers to the store’s main lighting. …
  • Task lighting. …
  • Accent lighting. …
  • Decorative lighting.

What is the difference between G40 and G50 bulbs?

G40 bulbs are the middle size, measuring 40 mm (1.5 inches) in diameter. G50 are the largest of the three sizes and they’re 50 mm (2 inches) in diameter.

Are LED bulbs type A?

Type A. Type A LED tubes are ballast compatible. This is the “plug and play” or “lamp for lamp” scenario most commonly used in re-lamping projects, where you simply replace the bulb with an LED lamp while retaining the original ballast and fixture of the fluorescent.

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