You asked: What was the last car made with pop up headlights?

Are pop ups illegal?

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What year Corvette has pop-up headlights?

Over the years, pop-up headlights became synonymous with the Chevy Corvette. In 1963, the C2 was unveiled, and with it, the first set of pop-up headlights to grace the hood of the Corvette, according to Turo.

Does 300ZX have pop-up headlights?

Nissan 300ZX (1984-1989)

Though the 300ZX might have lacked some of the pizzaz of the Ferraris and Lambos and other cars with pop-up headlights of its time, this relatively affordable car still came in a sporty package with plenty of options that driving enthusiasts loved.

Why do people like pop-up headlights?

Pop-up headlights remained popular because the headlight height requirement in the 1970s was higher than the desired height of a low-slung sports car; the hidden headlamp design allowed manufacturers to get around this rule, raising the lights up to the requisite level while maintaining the aesthetic they wanted.

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